the open source, web-based IDE and debugger for Rails

There are many excellent components in the Rails developer toolchain: Ruby, RubyGems, Rails, Mongrel, Cerberus. But one thing that is missing is a visual debugger. Gyre is an attempt to fill that gap.

When you think of IDEs you probably think: bloated, monolithic, and closed-source. Forget all that. If we’re gonna have a Rails debugger, dammit, we’re gonna do it the Rails Way: simple, fast, cross-platform, web-centric, open source, and written in Ruby.


  • Breakpoints, variable inspection, call stack – you know, a debugger.
  • Exceptions jump you straight to the file and line, with full variable inspection capability.
  • Debug unit tests.
  • Runs in a browser, no special extensions or client software.
  • Basic source code editor, also running in-browser.
  • Customize the layout with CSS.
  • Written in Ruby, on Rails – easy to modify for your needs.
  • Navigation and other IDE features, tailored to fit the Rails development approach.
  • Console with expandable variable inspection.
  • Same license as Ruby.

Be Gentle

This software is still in an alpha state. It is usable for debugging, console inspection, and basic code editing, but it still lacks a lot of polish. Download it with the understanding that it’s not yet anywhere near a fully mature tool.

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