Sejarah Mukena

Di Timur Tengah Middle East kamu tidak akan menemukan wanita dewasa shalat dengan menggunakan mukena. Mereka memiliki barqa dan abbaya sebagai pakaian yang digunakan untuk solat. Mukena hanya dapat ditemui di Indonesia dan beberapa negara tetangga disekitar ASEAN.

Di tempat lain, kaum muslim wanita hanya mengenakan baju panjang yang rapi seperti jubah atau gamis yang menutup aurat dan hanya memperlihatkan wajah dan telapak tangan saja saat hendak melaksanakan ibadah wajib 5 waktu ini.

27 Tips, 11 Tools and 12 Resources to Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important to your health and well being. And even though you may be getting a full eight hours, that doesn’t mean your nights are restful. Check out these tips and resources to find out what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep.


Try these methods to get more out of every night’s rest.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Having a best nose hair trimmer is a must. This device can really help you to maintain the size of hair in your nostril. You can keep healthy with having a natural air filter from God and make it look good with better maintenance tool.
panasonic one of the best nose hair trimmer in the market
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With small size and nice shape you can bring the device in easy when you are on the trip. No matter you are do a road trip, sea trip in the yatch or big ship like titanic or air trip with commercial plane, or private if you are rich. Or maybe alien plane if you are some interesting person. You can use it everywhere. Small, compact, lightweight tool that perfect to maintain you face. You can use this to cut the beard too if you want. And send you beard trimmer to garbage.

They work in simple step with battery power, they will cut the hair as short as possible. As close to the skin as possible without pull any of them. You can always trust on this device and the device is all you need.